Attractions in Guilin

Attractions in Guilin


Guilin is an ancient city on the shore of the mesmerizing Lijiang River in northeastern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.The serene mountains, sparkling waters, and exotic rocks typical of karst landmasses in the Lijiang River basin have inspired the saying, “The landscape of Guilin is unmatched under Heaven.” Guilin was originally a vast expanse of sea until about one hundred and ninety million years ago, when, owing to the movement of the earth crust, the whole area rose and became land. The limestone bedrock, weathered and eroded by water, became today’s fantastic stone forests, peaks, underground streams and caves, thus adding truly unique features to Guilin’s already beautiful scenery.

Reed Flute Cave

The cave is 788 feet deep and one third of a mile long. Reed Flute Cave is a marvelous limestone cave containing a large number of colorful and imposing stalactites, stalagmites, rocky curtains, and cave corals. It is a favorite destination for both the visitors and locals of Guilin.

Elephant Trunk Hill

Name suggests, it looks very much like a giant elephant drinking water with its trunk. Half way up the hill, there is a cave that punctures the surface of the hill, serving as the eyes of the “elephant.” At the top of the hill there is a pagoda named the Puxian Pagoda, erected in the Ming Dynasty. It resembles a sword hilt, or a magic vase, depending on your mood. Elephant Trunk Hill is regarded as the emblem of Guilin.


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