Wonderful Henan Activities, Top 5 Things to do in Henan

Henan Activities

Wonderful Henan Activities, Top 5 Things to do in Henan

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26 December 2017


Speaking of Henan, we all know it is the province that has a long history and rich culture. Then, what would you do to know about that in Henan? Some Henan activities as following will take you to deeply feel brilliant Henan culture.

Kungfu Show

Watching Kungfu Show

Almost everyone has heard of Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan because of Kungfu master. It would be a life-time experience to watch and learn Shaolin Kungfu in person.
The outdoor martial arts show of Shaolin Temple has some classical Shaolin Kungfu move such as Eighteen Weapons, imitating boxing and hard Qigong. The showing time is subject of scenic spots which lasts 30 minutes. There are three yards in Shaolin Temple where you could see a dozen classes practicing for traditional martial arts. Learning Kungfu could not only improve endurance but also flexibility and strength of your body. That would be an extraordinary experience for visitor in Henan.

Shaolin Zen Music Ritual

Shaolin Zen Music Ritual

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Shaolin is not only famous for its martial arts but also for Zen culture. Located at 7 kilometers away from Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Zen Music Ritual is a real live-scene performance which has completely reflected Zen culture.
The Shaolin Zen Music Ritual is bound to bring people into the realm of Zen. The whole ritual is exquisite and solemn which concludes five chapters. Water Music, Wood Music, Light Music, Wind Music and Stone Music are five movements. The performance pursues for unity of heaven and man. The sound stereo combines with real flow of water and wind under grand art lighting, which is absolutely a shock of soul. The sounds of wooden fish-a percussion instrument when Buddhists do meditation brings people to a graceful environment. Every audience would be astounded by fantastic stage effect and think about Zen culture.

Glorious Dreamland Dongjing in Song Dynasty

Glorious Dreamland Dongjing in Song Dynasty is another masterpiece Chinese live performance in Kaifeng Millennium Garden Park in Kaifeng, Henan province. The whole performance uses large number of technology to create a dreaming effect. Therefore, it brings visitors back to glorious Song Dynasty which was over thousands of years ago.
Glorious Dreamland Donging in Song Dynasty is really an option for tourists as it fully uses waterside pavilions and bridges which make up a complete classical theatre. The 70 minutes fabulous performance arouses the thinking of the rise and fall of Song Dynasty with over 700 actors involved in the show. The capricious sound and light makes a perfect stage effect which will make visitors shocked.

Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival

Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival started in 1983 and held in autumn every year which was famous from Song Dynasty in Kaifeng Henan Province.
As an ancient capital of seven dynasties, Kaifeng is a historical city and chrysanthemum is the city flower of Kaifeng. People always say Chrysanthemum together with plum flower, orchid and bamboo is a symbol of nobility. Hundreds of varieties of Chrysanthemums show off their splendid colors and dazzled shapes which is really a feast of eyes. In addition to exotic fragrance chrysanthemums, a grand opening ceremony and activities will be held during the festival. A large number of Chinese and foreign tourists come to Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival every year.

Luoyang Peony Festival

Luoyang Peony Festival

Location: Luoyang

Celebrated: Apr. 10th to May.10th

The Peony Festival Cultural Festival of China started in 1983 listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage in China. Peony is the city flower of Luoyang and is also a symbol of elegance and graciousness.
Every year, thousands of peonies will bloom in Luoyang with the main venue at National Peony Garden from Mid-April to Mid-May. Luoyang peony is characterized by large varieties which is pleasant to eyes. Large scale of peony has been planted and cultivated since Tang Dynasty in Luoyang. These fabulous peony sceneries attract a great number of tourists from worldwide.

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