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China is a vast country with 55 ethnic groups apart from the majority Han people. As one of the fascinating ancient civilizations, it owns matchless and boundless cultural heritages through over 5,000 years. Natural wonders from snow landscape in the north to coastline in the south, grassland and Gobi desert in the west to mountains in the east, which all display diversified changing sceneries. 

impressive & boundless cultural heritages

China is the the birth place of one of the oldest civilizations in the world and many different dynasties that have come and gone. Almost everyone knows that there's the Great Wall of China, a ten-thousands Li Long Wall from ancient times. Visiting the Great Wall is on top bucket-list for many international travelers. You also cannot skip the Terracotta Warriors, an underground battle formation submerged for 2,000 years. The Mogao Caves in Gobi desert displays the great achievement of Buddhist arts along the Silk Road. There's more to explore by the UNESCO heritage list.

spectacular natural wonders & landscape

Despite the world-renowned Great Wall & Terracotta Warriors, there're spectacular natural wonders including mountains, rivers, deserts and prairies. Taking a cruise through the three gorges on Yangtze River, walking up the Avatar Yellow Mountains, trek and camp in Gobi desert, which all leave you unforgettable & unique experiences.

varied & tasteful food

China is definitely the paradise for foodies! Unlike mostly-heard "Chinese food" which is basically Cantonese cuisine, China officially has 8 cuisines based in certain areas, and even those have their variations within a region. A dim sum breakfast in southern Canton can last until 11am, a Peking duck will comfort your stomach in the north. You will feel burning when trying spicy hot pot in south-west Sichuan, not mentioning boundless minority food in Yunan, Xinjiang, Tibet and more.

friendly & easy-going people

Chinese are always welcome international travelers. You come across friendly people throughout your traveling. They're happy to share you with their culture and history even the majority cannot speak English. You maybe invited to their house in remote area. English is not wide-speaking, but gestures work and they're glad to help you if necessary.

travel safely & easily

China is the safest destination for international travelers all over the world. No matter walking at late night in cities, or looking around in a village in remote west, you always feel safe and are enchanted by local people. It owns the largest speed-train network in the world. Traveling by speed train is a part of your China experiences. You will witness the convenience, efficiency and comfort of the advanced speed train. After 40-year infrastructure building, many spots are easily accessible throughout the country.